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I'm Joe Neville
Yet another networker jumping on the DevOps bandwagon.

Networking since 2001 I've done Ops, I've done pre-sales, I'm #19080. I hate pointless .ppt and being told it is all about business outcomes (we get it, money > everything else). I actually like network design and BGP is my favourite protocol.
Like everyone else I am interested in this DevOps thing and I'm getting to grips with the tidal wave of possibilities that not thinking like a networker brings to networking.
I do not want to be a leech I've been reading and benefiting from other blogs for years without giving anything back. This is my attempt to rectify that.
"Sounds great, show us your code" Yeah that's the thing. I'm still old school networking on the path to enlightenment. So this blog will be a record of good hearty network design while I keep shuffling forward.

Small print: I work for HP. All opinions, views, comments are my own.