My Video Adventures across the ArubaOS-CX Spectrum

Hungry Horace

For the uninitiated, ArubaOS-CX is a new networking OS, running on Aruba's 84/830xx campus core switches. I've been playing around with the OS for a while now. The headline is 'network OS with auto-generated REST API'. No clunky abstraction layer, no patchy feature coverage. Just the whole switch database, and feature set, exposed via the API, day one.
Cue lots of time writing Python, delving into git workflows and generally doing non-networky things. In short, an interesting six months at work.

Horace Goes Skiing

As is my wont, I've been recording videos for the ABC Networking channel, covering my exploits with CX. They are similar to my ArubaOS-Switch vids, but with a CX loadout. Check them out below:

Horace and the Spiders

The aim of the videos is to help out networkers trying to get into Python and REST APIs. On a personal level, I'm attempting to record as I code, so less editing and more of a 'live' feel to the videos.

If you find the videos helpful, or you think they suck, let me know: