The internet is a series of (you)tubes

As I delve further in python and network automation I've made a couple of series focusing on python and the ArubaOS-Switch API.

Python and REST APIs

This series is comprised of four videos. From building an work environment, performing a GET, a POST and finally doing something with the data. It is very basic and I include POSTMAN examples before moving on to python:

Python and ArubaOS-Switch API

I started a new series to coincide with the release of a couple of interesting new features in ArubaOS-Switch, namely AnyCLI & CLI Batch.
These allow CLI commands to be sent to the device. They provide coverage for features that the API does not cover, which is a lot at the time of writing. Good in a pinch, they enable a standard model of management for any feature on the device, whether it is CLI only or not, you can still use python.
But this isn't the end goal. The responses from the switch, any show commands, for example, are unstructured. Thus we are back to parsing that tedious whitespace for the data gems we need.

These features were covered in the first two videos and I specifically used very simple scripts without functions or classes. My current thinking is to expand on the initial scripts and improve them. Introducing YAML to start with for the data variables, then functions, progressing on to more complex examples and networks.

That's the plan, all subject to change of course.

Thanks for watching.